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Stop Smoking — the Winkler Hypnotic Method


Stop Smoking Sessions

Sessions are held in Sunbury by appointment only.

Sessions will also be held in other locations at various times.

Please see next session details for sessions held in other regional locations.

Contact us for an appointment.

During the session, your subconscious mind will be given suggestions:

  • - To keep you calm and relaxed as you go about your daily activities, so you won’t stress as a result of not smoking
  • - Not to substitute food for cigarettes
  • - To cope with the situation of being around other smokers
  • - Strategies to deal with any residual cravings or withdrawal symptoms, so that as soon as the strategy is put into place, the craving will disappear very quickly.

“the craving will
disappear very quickly.”

Cravings and Withdrawal Symptoms

The feedback we’ve had from most people is that they do not experience any craving or withdrawal symptoms at all as a result of the hypnotic process, others experienced a substantial reduction in the number of cravings they would have experienced had they gone ‘cold turkey’.

Some people who do experience cravings after the session find that the number of cravings they experience are minimal. They are able to manage those cravings quite easily and successfully by using the strategies they are given during the session to eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The few cravings they experience usually disappear totally after a day or two of not smoking.

Disclaimer: Stop smoking results vary from person to person. The content on this website is for informational purposes only. This website is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.